About us

Eng  group CO. has been honored as the chosen  and active company  in the fields of escalators and elevators  in Iran. In the area of services, there is a professional team of engineers and escalator & elevator technology professionals who working in the fields of overhaul, maintenance, and installation and all are done by company itself  and surrendering  technical affairs to the contractors has been refused.


The company's managers and many of the technical staffs have met special courses in escalator issue outside of Iran such as Japan and China in order to be updated about recently technologies.


It is for the first time that the engineers of this company introduce technology of escalator programming in Iran. So, onward, the possibility of programming, adjustment, and adding several options such as VVVF and updating warning and control systems will be at hand.

It is notable that ENG group Co. has launched its vast activity as the importer of escalator’s spare parts since 1390 and by this time, it is considered and well known as one of the best companies who are active in this field.


We take much pride to say that this company has had honorable cooperation with other escalator’s brands in Iran such as Mitsubishi, Paravia, and Otis as well as Chinese brands like Symax, SSL, and etc. in the area of installing, execution, and after- sales services.


Since 1389, ENG group, as the sole agent of Fuji escalator and elevator Co. from (Suzhou Asia Fuji), has been active in Iran. That is, it brought the possibility of being the administrator of main and luxurious commercial projects in all over of Iran such as the executor of international fair, Shahre Aftab project, which will take the place of former Tehran international exhibition ( Chamran).


Also regarding the after -sales service and maintenance, it notifies that the company makes its checks monthly and based on the approved check-lists EN115.

So if you need any advice or further information, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.